Elementary Overview

Education for Life looks at traditional subjects through a holistic lens. Our main curriculum areas are: Personal Development, Self Expression and Communication, Understanding People, Cooperation, Our Earth/Our Universe, and Wholeness. Much of the instruction is thematic and uses the principle of Flow Learning™.

A typical day in our elementary class usually begins with a class circle time that may include yoga, inspiring stories, songs, energy balancing modalities, healing prayers, and class sharing. Our curriculum is student-centered, flexible and experiential.

One of the advantages of having a flexible curriculum is that we can adjust to the needs and interests of the students. Often a unit of study just happens; it is born out of a moment of inspiration when curiosity and interest are ignited and enthusiasm takes over. The students share across the grades and benefit from friendships with older and younger peers.

Our elementary classrooms are multi-age, with a maximum of 12 students. Each class has a main teacher; supplemental teaching staff that adds to the educational experiences of our students. We provide instruction in a second language or Sign language twice a week as well as weekly creative self-expression classes in art, music and dance. Physical education is provided with an emphasis on movement, fun, and individual fitness, rather than competitive sports, although the older students do play basketball, soccer, and other team games.

Living Wisdom students go on to both public and private schools, and have not only the academic skills to succeed on their grade level, but the confidence and ability to communicate and cooperate with others that are essential for success.