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Teaching to Make a Difference

This year, we have 3 interns at Living Wisdom School who are studying at Ananda College to become teachers. They have been spending 2 days a week in our classrooms observing and teaching a few lessons. In this post, one of the interns, Bardia Behmard, shares some of his reflection from the past 2 months.

What is it that makes teachers want to teach? I have thought about this question for quite a while as I’ve been watching Living Wisdom teachers in action. Every Tuesday and Friday, (the days I come over to observe the classrooms) I try to answer this question. I notice a fire in the teacher’s eyes that burns with compassion and a dedication to do whatever it takes to inspire the classroom. Through all the emotional rollercoaster rides of the classroom, the teachers are right there guiding each moment.

I don’t remember a time that I have ever seen such inspiration in a school. My interaction with students usually puts me shock—the creativity and happiness they show is remarkable. I’m sure a lot of adults have the same wish as me when I say, “I wish I went to this school when I was younger” —The culture of this school radiates harmony and wisdom. I think we are all lucky to be a part of it, even from this end of the spectrum.

So what is it that makes teachers teach?

It must be that compassion that fuels that fire in their eyes.

It must be that they know they can make a difference.

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