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School Preparations

School starts here at Living Wisdom in Portland on September 4th. The weeks leading up to the first day of school are full of energy, but it’s a different energy than the energy that buzzes through the school when students are here. This week is a time for us as teachers to connect with each other, make big plans, and support each other as we prepare for the year ahead. Once we’re immersed in the work of our classrooms, we can sometimes spend a lot of time without adult contact, and this time of year is precious for the connections that we establish with each other.

We have a couple of new teachers here at the school. They have was expressed joy about having this new job, in this incredible community, working with these colleagues. I have also found it inspiring to teach alongside an entire group of people who are doing both the practical and spiritual work that I am doing. We spend the first 10 minutes of our staff meetings meditating together, and that brings us together into a common frame of reference. The focus is on the children, and we come together to support each other in this immense work. I am so happy to be here and to do this work. We are all so happy to be doing this work! What a joy!

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