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Seeds of Compassion

Rose Neal, the Director of Living Wisdom Portland shares some teachings inspired by the Dalai Lama.

Several years ago, Usha Dermond, the founder of our LWS and the director for many years, presented at an event in Seattle called “Seeds of Compassion”. This was a gathering to highlight and have dialogue about programs and tools that nurture and empower children, families and their community. More specifically, what concrete actions teach and model how to be compassionate members of society. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama attended the 5 day event as well as countless others who are active in supporting this spiritual mission.

This summer, while visiting Orcas Island, I noticed a pamphlet from this conference outside a door of a clinic. I wanted so much to share it with you all that I called the office (they were closed at the time) and asked them to send me a copy. Thank you to Dr. Julia Sanders-Dobos for passing it on! The shortened version is below followed by a link to a more expanded document. Enjoy!

When you wake up, make a promise:

“With an open heart and a joyful mind, I promise to practice compassion-to be kind to myself and to others and especially, to be kind to every child whose life touches mine, from near or far, for today and always”.

All day long, remember to:







*Be kind & consistent

(Thank you to Erika Plummer for the above picture taken at our Grandparents and Special Friends tea)

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