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Expansion Project

Architecture Dreams

We have embarked on an exciting and ambitious project here at Living Wisdom School. Our goal is to build a new school building. In its present form, our school has 5 classrooms in 2 buildings. We have created some lovely classroom spaces out of small rooms in the Ananda temple, but they are spread far apart in the building. The vision for the new building is that it will reflect our cohesive community. The classrooms would have a similar look and energy and more space so that we can grow as a school. With the new space, we could accommodate 30 additional students. Our school director, Rose Neal, here describes the beginning stages of this building process. She will continue to blog about the project as it unfolds.

I met with the architect of our building project when I visited CA several weeks ago. He is adjusting the plans for our new school building because of city codes and zoning. The rules that initially were seen as constraints have become a great blessing. It seems almost miraculous!

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Before meeting with him, there were areas of the overall picture of our new and improved campus that I didn’t resonate with fully. These were gray area issues, those that you keep in your heart and say to yourself …“Wouldn’t it be nice if…”

An intelligence greater than myself read these thoughts and must have agreed with how I saw the overall vision.

With the new renditions, we have double the outdoor play space, there’s a softer look on the exterior walls and planters everywhere to catch rain water from the roof. More plants is always a plus! The uplifting, cohesive, grounded, balanced and magnetic nature of our Living Wisdom School is truly evident it the plans for our new space.

It reminds me of Paramhansa Yogananda’s words, “Immortalize your dreams through architecture.” And that is what we hope to do!

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