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The Living Wisdom Experience from a Parent

One of the parents of a Living Wisdom School student wrote about her experience looking for a school for her son and her experience here. Please enjoy!

I discovered the Living Wisdom School (LWS) after reading former LWS Director Susan  Dermond’s book Calm and Compassionate Children: A Handbook when my son was 3 years old. We were looking for preschools at the time. Excited to learn the author of the book was the Director of a school in the area, we visited Living Wisdom School and instantly knew we had found the perfect school for our son.

At LWS, children get a stellar, top-notch education due to the high caliber of teachers, small class size, and individualized instruction found in every classroom at LWS. Teachers are able to design curriculum around the educational interests of their children. But at LWS, education is not only about subjects and academic mastery. Students also get something more, something I have not seen in ANY other school, and something that is desperately needed in our world. Children at LWS develop their inner world. LWS students know who they are, they believe in themselves, and they feel secure in their place in the world. As a society, recent discoveries in brain science are affirming that self-worth, self-confidence, & self-love are no longer frivolities to human beings in our childhood.  Children who feel safe in themselves and their world is an absolute necessity & requirement to learning and to future success in life, in higher education, in the workplace, and in our home & family lives. At LWS, children love who they are and they know how to find happiness within.