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First Day of School Aspirations

We had a wonderful summer of rejuvenation and are back to school and back to the blog. Megan Barella is a Living Wisdom mom who has been floating around the school and classrooms, picking up inspiration to share on the blog. Here are her observations from the first day of school. 

On the first day of school this year, there were 75 students, teachers, and parents at the Opening Circle. It was the largest Opening Circle at LWS, and the energy was high as we gathered to celebrate the first day of the school year journey, and our upcoming School Expansion. As we welcomed new faces, there was collective joy to be together again for a new school year. At Living Wisdom School, learning is held in a gentle and nurturing vessel in which each student, teacher, and parent is supported in becoming the best of who we are. It is this unfolding of the spirit in human form that we celebrate each day at LWS.

And we love to sing! Rose shared a sweet story about one student who asked why we sing at school? Her reply: because it’s good for our brains & hearts and brings joy to others. With all of our hearts happy, our individual voices joined as one to welcome in a year of learning and friendship. We opened our singing with “The Birds of the Air”, written by the great Nature Educator, Joseph Cornell.

The birds of the air are my brothers.

The flowers my sisters, the trees are my friends.

All living creatures, mountains, and streams

I take unto my care.

For this green Earth is our mother.

Hidden in the sky is the Spirit above.

I share one life with all who are here.

To everyone I give my love.

To everyone I give my love.


It is in this spirit of Oneness, with one another and the world around us, that we began our school year. The new school year offers us the opportunity to open up to the highest aspirations and ideals of each individual student, teacher, and parent. As so often is the case, our children often lead the way. One parent shared a sweet story about her son’s aspirations for this year. A LWS tradition is the Award’s Ceremony that happens on the last day of school. Each child receives an award that honors the individual strengths of each student. Dynamic Willpower, Kindness, & Friendship are a few of the past awards given to LWS students. This first-grade student said he really wanted to receive the goal for Kindness this year, and that this was one of the goals he was going to work towards this school year.


While the excitement and energy of new beginnings are with us all, what are your
aspirations for this school year? May we all do our part, like our sweet first grade student, to aspire to our highest potential as people as we work for the collective good of our school, and the world. Happy School Year!

“’God’ stands for ‘the universal desire of human beings to be inspired.’ Children yearn to be told that there is indeed something worthwhile in which to believe and toward which to aspire. Yes, they yearn for ideals.” ~ Education for Life

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