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Reach of Faith

Thanks to Megan Barella, Administrative Assistant and Kindergarten parent, for her thoughts about this next stage of our school development.

At Living Wisdom School (LWS) we practice many little—and sometimes big—“reaches of faith” every day.

Our teachers practice faith in the individual potential of each student, helping each student reach for the best within themselves.

To do this, our community has faith in our teachers to reach for the best within themselves.

As students reach for the best within themselves, they are also taught to practice a reach of faith as they work to understand the intentions of their peers and classmates, and the entire world around us.

In these many “reaches of faith,” that happen every day at LWS, we build a microcosm of our global community in which the strength of the whole is based on the individual strength & faith in the goodness of each one of us.

We help to create a world where each and every single person is respected and loved for their soul’s purpose, and we practice a reach of faith for the inherent goodness of humanity.

In the microcosm of every life counts, we hope to reflect back the macrocosm of our existence.


In a miraculous reach of faith, and our largest one to date, we are building a beautiful new school building! A building that reflects the high quality of teaching and learning that happens every day at LWS with Education for Life (EFL) and that meets the current demand for more classrooms and the new families who are waiting to enroll in LWS.

We hope our new building inspires each of you to practice your own reach of faith for the good of humanity.

Watch for more details about the new LWS school building- plus pictures & stories about the building process in the coming weeks and month!

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