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Reader’s Theater

Primary class teachers, Melissa and Mel, share about the beloved Friday afternoon tradition of Reader’s Theater.

What is Reader’s Theater?

Reader's Theater 1

In the primary class, there is a theme for every week based on a Vimala letter ( Courage, Love, Peace, Stillness, Teamwork, or Oneness are some examples of primary class weekly themes. On Friday mornings, students are given a writing prompt about the theme of the week. After hearing the prompt, students write a short story of their creation, rooted in their imagination, about the theme. On Friday afternoons, the children act out their short story for the rest of the class.

The students have so many unique stories in their heart to share. The writing to sharing connection is really special as it builds a bridge between thoughts, writing, and acting.  It’s a huge accomplishment to perform a story of their own creation. Reader’s Theater builds confidence, creativity and courage, as well as improving writing skills and self-expression.