Tools of Maturity

Weathering Life’s Storms

The curriculum at Living Wisdom School consciously develops the four Tools of Maturity: body, feeling, will, and intellect. We all have one area that is our favorite, the most used. If we only focus on that one tool and don’t take time to strengthen the others, we will be at a loss when encountering myriad life experiences.

One of our older students recently had surgery and his primary “tool of maturity”, body, was impaired. Being an extremely physical kid, there had been no doubt that his body was his “tool” to how he understands the world, how he expresses himself and the part of him that keeps his confidence in check. At first, there was a worry from family and friends as to how he could manage to still be happy despite having this significant challenge in his primary “tool”.

This is where the benefit of a solid Living Wisdom education came to light. He is balanced in all four Tools of Maturity. Even though his body was obviously strong and agile, so was his mind, his feeling nature, and his will. All four tools had been developed during his 10 years at Living Wisdom School. Before much time at all, these other areas compensated for the limited body use. He was asking for Sudoku and card games, visits from friends, and to write. He talked about engaging his will to try new things and not fall into discouragement. This student was able to weather his life storm because he was balanced in the wholeness of himself. Thank you Education for Life and LWS!