Joyathon letter
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Building Community with JOY

Joyathon is one of our beloved Living Wisdom School community traditions and fundraisers. Our students – preschool to 8th grade- bike, scoot, run or walk for pledges to support our school. The children look forward to Joyathon season in May all year long.

The Joyathon begins with the children creating beautiful Joyathon letters with handmade stories and artwork to be mailed to their friends and family.

Next, parent volunteers and staff gather to put together the Joyathon packets.

As children eagerly await the event, the school plans for the fun activities, food, and the course are underway. And the children even play “Joyathon” at recess!

When the big day arrives, children are eager to begin. With the spirit of joy, community and cooperation, the Joyathon begins!

Children complete laps for a full hour and ​in​ true Joyathon spirit, the children give their all to support their school– with lots of smiles, laughter, ​and ​cheers​,​ as well as fruit and water​- along the way.

After the lap portion is completed, our community gathers together with food made by staff and family- as well as time to play all the child-centered games and activities.

The Fishing Game is a favorite!

This past May we celebrated our 19th year of Joyathons: we are so excited to continue nearly 20 years of this LWS tradition!