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Start with your Heart

Several years ago, when my children attended Living Wisdom School, I drove carpool in the mornings. The car was filled with different ages of students ranging from 1st to 7th grade. On one particular morning, the older children brought up a news topic involving leaders behaving in ways that they couldn’t understand. There was a pause for several blocks, and then, while looking out the car window, the 1st grader says, “Well, I guess they didn’t go to Living Wisdom.”

The culture of kindness, positivity, empathy, and joy is felt by all ages at Living Wisdom. We’ve primarily offered this Education for Life education since 1997 through our school programs, summer camps, and parent classes. This recent global, national, and community change has sparked new programs such as the Elementary Enrichment classes for the coming year and broader ways of applying these principles to our individual lives.

 As we start this new school year, we welcome you to be involved. We are here to serve the community with a unique kind of education that aims to cultivate inner awareness through personal development, and outer understanding through a holistic lens of balanced discrimination. Timeless wisdom is available to us all. We need reminders on where to find it! Start with your heart; that’s what we teach the children. 

Wishing you well~ Rose