• preschooler jumping
    Body Awareness,  Energy

    Made to Move!

    When was the last time you got down on the floor and rolled around? Jumped like a frog? Danced like the wind? Climbed, spun or crawledaround? Probably not in a long time! For most adults we’ve forgotten howimportant movement is as a way of learning, exploring and understanding theworld and ourselves – this is especially true for young children. As anyone who has ever known a 3 to 5 year old they are made to MOVE!Education for Life defines the ages of 0-6 as the “physical years,” whenchildren are exploring and relating to the world primarily through theirbody and their senses. Preschoolers at Living Wisdom School get the chanceto move…

  • Michelle and Becky
    Appreciation,  Body Awareness,  Calm,  Conscious Parenting,  Energy,  Nurturing

    Joy Juice

    At Living Wisdom, we use Conscious Discipline, the work of Dr. Becky Bailey, as a complementary tool in working with children. Two of our staff members attended a "Building Resilience in Classrooms" training with Dr. Becky Bailey this past October. Michelle Mall, our school secretary, was so inspired by the training that she's been sending out weekly emails to share...

  • feeding horse
    Body Awareness,  Calm,  Nature,  Teaching Spiritual Principles

    Ahimsa and Chickens

    There was much talk swirling around after the Family Retreat this past summer at Laurelwood. Nitai Deranja, who started the first Living Wisdom School, did most of the teaching and inspired the many families who were there. I wasn't there, but heard about how he taught Ahimsa, and I knew I needed to try that with my class of 1st and 2nd graders. Ahimsa is the term for the practice of non-harming or non-violence...

  • playing tennis
    Body Awareness,  Evenmindedness

    I Am Master of My Body, I Am Master of Myself

    A few days ago, I was talking with a mom of one of my students. She told me the story of how her son was in tennis lessons and he had recently moved up to the next level of difficulty. The day before, when it was time for him to go to tennis lessons, he broke down and started crying, refusing to go. The mom listened to all his fears about playing against older and better players and all his frustrations about not being as good as them. But even after talking about all his feelings, he continued to cry and  was quite worked up about it. Now, anyone who…

  • playdough
    Body Awareness,  Calm,  Music,  Nurturing,  Transitioning,  Water

    Calming Energy with Music

    Usha tells a story in Calm and Compassionate Children about a time that she chose to use music in the classroom to change energy, rather than talking and ordering students about. The students had come in from recess, many arguing and up in arms about something that had happened on the playground. This is a very familiar scene to most teachers, as often simple playground disagreements start to expand to more and more students until most of the students are involved in the dispute. Rather than go straight to talking, Usha suggested that they drink some water, and sit silently for 5 minutes while they drank and relaxed. She put…