Specialty and Support Staff

Pavani Johnson

PAVANI JOHNSON (THEATER/DANCE & SUPPORT STAFF) —Pavani has been involved in Living Wisdom Schools for over 20 years. She helped to create the theater program at LWS in Palo Alto, and was also a full-time classroom teacher for 5 years. Her early training and passion was classical ballet, which she studied seriously for over 10 years at schools in the Bay Area including San Francisco Ballet. Her experience with modern dance began while a dance major at Santa Clara University where she received her B.A. in Theater Arts/Dance. Pavani went on to dance professionally with New Dance Company San Jose and the acclaimed avant-garde Joe Goode Performance Group in San Francisco. Utilizing her broad range of dance experience and drawing on Education for Life principles, Pavani provides her students an opportunity to discover their own unique expression beyond any particular dance style.

“It is extraordinary to teach at a school where the inner qualities the children develop  are as important as the outer knowledge they learn.”

Aki Weierman

AKI WEIERMAN (JAPANESE) —Aki has a daughter in Living Wisdom school and shares her native language of Japanese as well as creative movement with the Primary class. She graduated from a University in Japan with a degree in Early Childhood Education. For 2 years, she taught Japanese language and culture at a preschool and elementary school in Australia as well as a kindergarten day care center for over 15 years. In 2014, Aki opened her own Japanese preschool immersion program in her home in Portland, Oregon.

“I am grateful to be part of such a beautiful school community!”

SONALI GUPTA (HINDI/SANSKRIT & INDIAN CULTURE) — Sonali began volunteering at Living Wisdom School in 2003 and joined the staff in 2006. She has been a co-teacher in the primary classroom, and the main teacher in the intermediate class. Sonali is a graduate of Gujarat University. She is tri-lingual and enjoys sharing her Indian heritage with her students and the rest of the school through language, the arts, cultural celebrations and her cooking skills. She and her husband, Vivek, have two children who attended LWS. Prior to her Education for Life training, Sonali had experience as a systems analyst and IT professional and with the development of adult training programs.

“At Living Wisdom school, where most emphasis is on direct experience, not only as regards the investigations of science, but even as it applies to the humanities, lie the seeds of a new and revolutionary system. The children are divine and the teachers are family. The divine presence here and the approach to education and life has forever changed me. I love the children and love the opportunity I am granted to be a simple channel of Divine Love!”

David Eby

DAVID EBY (MUSIC) — David Eby, cellist, director, teacher and writer, has been exploring the connections between performance and meditation for the past 20 years. He embarked on a career as a cellist, earning performance degrees and honors from Eastman and Indiana University under Paul Katz and Janos Starker. After serving as principal cellist for numerous orchestras, he became the founding cellist for Pink Martini. He then became Music Director for the Ananda Village and Living Wisdom School in Nevada City, CA. He currently performs with the Oregon Symphony, is a Teaching Artist for the BRAVO Youth Orchestra, and presents Symphonic Meditation workshops. Bi-weekly articles appear on his website, DavidEbyMusic.com.

“I love teaching at the Living Wisdom School because every week I get to see inspiration come alive within the children as they touch the magic of uplifting music.”

David is currently on extended sabbatical from LWS.