The following testimonials of school parents express the many ways our children and their families find success at Living Wisdom School.

For our family, Living Wisdom has been absolutely wonderful. The way in which they approach the needs of a child, as well as how they see each child, is what makes LW stand out. They approach learning and socialization from both “heart” science and well-researched brain science. Our daughter has benefited greatly in terms of how she can express herself and her feelings, as well as how to handle conflict and personality differences from a wholehearted framework. The time and care taken at LW to meet each child right where they are and help them grow at their pace and style is beautiful. 
In terms of academics, LW believes that preschool children are “body-centered,” meaning that they approach learning from an experiential and movement standpoint. Therefore, the bulk of preschool learning takes place in the form of art, dance, music/song, outside exploration, reading, and creative/imaginative play. They do however use the occasional worksheet for more traceable traditional academic progress. 

—B.T., mother of a preschooler

“The very essence of love, nurturing, acceptance, caring, kindness and thoughtfulness seems to be imbued in each teacher’s character and is in turn bestowed upon our children. Our children are truly blessed.”

T.B., father of a 4th grader

“[He] comes home from preschool feeling so content, and stimulated yet calm. Whatever is happening at school brings him to his highest self…I’m really thankful for your attention to detail, to working things out, and to making school a safe place to explore the world and oneself.”

—L.H., mother of a preschooler

“My son has flourished in the preschool class at LWS. The teachers are centered, present, and loving with the children while providing a rich space & community support for each child’s unfolding. The focus on character and social skills development, as well as developing the gifts of each child is unlike any other school experience I have been a part of. Children feel safe and loved at LWS, and with this foundation are able to learn and flourish.”

—M.B., mother of a preschooler

“You have brought a great deal of peace to our family by providing a loving, calm and fun environment for our son to grow and learn in.”

P.S., mother of a fifth grader

“Living Wisdom School is a place where my children are loved, supported, and nurtured.  Where community and family matter.  Where students are encouraged to explore and experiment, and to strive to become their best selves.  Kindness is taught and modeled here.  Different modes of expression and understanding are accepted and validated.  Excellent teachers create a calm, gentle environment in which to instruct and inspire.  Classes are small and each child receives personal attention.  Field trips are numerous and outdoor learning a given.  My kids are growing and thriving here!  Each is learning to think for herself, to be a good listener, and to be sensitive to others.  I couldn’t imagine a better place for them to be.”

H.U., mother of a second and third grader

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