Kindergarten students in Beaverton, Oregon having fun on a rainy day with their umbrellas
Living Wisdom School- Preschool

Living Wisdom Preschool in Beaverton, Oregon is for children ages 3 to 5 years old. At Living Wisdom School, we teach from a holistic perspective. Our small class size, dedicated and experienced teachers, supportive, family-like, small school community, make us one of the most unique private schools in Oregon. By tuning into individual learning styles, we provide the best preschool education to each student. Our classes create the best environment for children to develop their imagination, creativity, discovery and love of learning, which are key growth areas during the foundational years.

Small Preschool Class Size

Preschool class size is kept small, with a maximum of eight students. Each class has a main teacher and often a teacher’s assistant. We create an environment filled with love, which gives the opportunity and space for students to experience who they are, and to learn to relate to the world around them.

Child-Centered Preschool Curriculum

Our daily activities and lessons are guided by the Education for Life philosophy. Our preschool curriculum is child-centered. We encourage each child to develop their unique gifts, while also developing important life skills, such as compassion, curiosity, concentration and cooperation. Our teachers are trained to tune into each child’s energy and the rhythm of the group to help take them to their next step in growth, learning and development. Teachers create adventures in learning for their classes every day.

Early Literacy, Holistic Intro to Math, Science & Traditional Academic Subjects

Using developmentally appropriate materials and activities, we provide an interdisciplinary and holistic introduction to traditional academic subjects like math, science, writing, geography or social studies.

Education for Life Philosophy

One of the core principles of Education for Life is the understanding that there are four Tools of Maturity we have within us to explore, learn, grow, and experience the world. At Living Wisdom, we work to cultivate these four tools in each child: the physical body, the heart’s feeling, our dynamic will power, and the intellect. Though we use all our tools in an individual way throughout our lives, preschool is known to be part of the “body years”, therefore the physical body is a primary learning tool. Our classes help children develop body awareness and learn how to use their bodies in positive ways by doing lots of movement, including dance, yoga, and creative play.

A Typical Day in Preschool

A typical day in our preschool classes begins with a class circle, which includes yoga, inspiring stories, songs, energy balancing modalities, healing prayers, and class sharing. Our curriculum is hands-on, flexible and experiential, and includes imaginative and nature-based play, art, movement and performing arts.

Features of our program include:
• Spiritual and character development
• Emphasis on the whole child
• Small, family-like environment
• Arts, music, and movement
• Inclusive Education
• Emotional harmony
• Creative play
• Calm focus
• Nature
• Yoga